Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Madigan, L.K. The Mermaid's Mirror.

Madigan, L.K. The Mermaid's Mirror
Houghton Mifflin/Clarion/Graphia/Kingfisher 2010 313p 16.00
978-0-547-19491-2 hs VG-BN

A look into a mermaid's mirror changes Lena's life forever. Lena's fascination with the beach is so strong that it leads her to sleepwalk on the shore. She has always been drawn to the ocean and is tired of watching from the beach while her friends experience the excitement of the waves. Her father -- a former surfer himself -- refuses to allow Lena to take surfing lessons.

The ocean's lure soon leads Lena to disobey her father's edict. Then she spots what can only be a mermaid. To glimpse the mysterious mermaid again, Lena surfs Magic Crescent Cove -- a dangerous area even for experienced surfers -- where she wipes out and nearly drowns. The mermaid rescues her and presses a small gold key into her hand.

As Lena races to discover what secrets the key will unlock, she must come to grips with her past and her heritage. By the time the key reveals Lena's secret, readers will be fully engaged in the novel that begins like a teen problem novel but ends as a fantasy/romance, when Lena finds out she is only half human. The ending will disappoint romantics, but the vivid settings, authentic characters, and interesting plot twists make this a compelling debut novel. Fantasy Welliver, Hilary

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