Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wesselhoeft, Conrad. Adios, Nirvana.

Wesselhoeft, Conrad Adios, Nirvana
Houghton Mifflin/Clarion/Graphia/Kingfisher 2010 235p 16.00 978-0-547-36895-5 jr/sr Death - Friendship E-BN

Jonathan has talent. He is a poet and he can play his guitar but he is missing his other half, his twin brother who died tragically. Now Jonathan has to find where he fits in and try to move on even if it means leaving behind his past. Fortunately, people are looking out for Jonathan all he has to do is take the challenge. A gifted poet, Jonathan won the top prize and is now considered a registered poet but at school is just another student. He is not a bad student but after his brother's death, Jonathan finds it hard to find meaning in life. His twin brother was a leader and on his way to becoming a great musician when tragedy struck. Now doing a solo Jonathan is having a hard time moving on. After winning the prize for poetry and becoming a recognized poet Jonathan is faced with new challenges and a possibility of rediscovering himself without his twin brother. The question is will he meet the challenges head on or will he stay in a past that is no longer his to claim?
A story of coming of age and facing life even when it kicks you in the face. Very well told with a lot of guy moments with guitars, writing lyrics and poetry with a little romance thrown it. The side story of helping an old man write history as it happened to him helps the character find a the healing piece missing in the character's life.
I found the writing very poetic. I especially enjoyed the part when the author describes the teacher from India, Ms. Gupti. There is a confrontation between her and Jonathan; the author write: "Gupti glares. The Monsoons of India darken her eyes". And then when the student agrees to her terms, the author describes it as ╥ The storm blows away. The sun burst over Calcutta╙. I loved it!! Realistic Fiction Diaz, Magna

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