Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Redmond, Shirley Raye Cities of Gold (Mysterious Encounters)

Redmond, Shirley Raye Cities of Gold (Mysterious Encounters)
Kidhaven Press see Gale/Cengage 2010 48p 27.50 978-0-7377-5036-2 ms Geographical myths VG-BNS Mysterious Encounters

Man's quest for gold has led him on adventures world-wide.
Long-lost exotic cities filled with great riches provide the lure of instant wealth that sparked the imaginations of adventurers throughout the ages.

Here is a collection of the "good parts" versions of many adventures experienced by men touched by gold fever. Students will enjoy the taut, concise tales of El Dorado and Cibola, Aztec and Incan treasures, accompanied by colorful illustrations, reproductions, and photographs. The historical context accompanying the tales is thin, but the facts that are incorporated into the text are solid. A good choice for reluctant readers or sparking interest that will lead to other, more in-depth sources of research. Welliver, Hilary

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