Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reed, Lynn Rowe. Color Chaos.

Reed, Lynn Rowe. Color Chaos
Holiday House 2010 unp 16.95 978-0-8234-2257-9
elem Color-- Fiction VG-BNe

When substitute principal Mr. Greystone prohibits colors at Hughes Elementary School, it takes a visit from illustrator Maurice Coleur to set things right. Includes information about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors and the color wheel.
Elementary students will find this title amusing while cheering for the crayons to be rescued. When substitute principal, Mr. Greystone╒s new board gets written on with every crayon during lunchtime, he creates new rules for the school to follow. Now in addition to the long list of rules, students are no longer allowed to use crayons, markers, or colors of any kind at Hughes Elementary. The crayons and art supplies with colors were collected and placed in the trash can. The crayons began to argue in the trash can and now everything at their once vibrant school is seen in grey. When Maurice Coleur, a famous illustrator arrives for his presentation, he too longer is vibrant. Meanwhile in the trash, the crayons and colored objects begin to work together to find a way out of there and to return life back to normal at their school. The colors found their proper places on the color wheel . When Mr. Coleur pulled out his once colorful illustrations to show the audience, he noticed that all were without color. These non-colorful illustrations upset him and he hit his head against the trash can, releasing the color wheel. At that time, Mr. Greystone realized that colors do matter and then has Mr. Coleur explain the color wheel to students. Young readers learn about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, complimentary and analogous colors are addressed, along with easy-to-understand descriptions of hue, shade, tint, warm and cool colors, as well as the term value.

Beautifully illustrated with acrylic paints, this title will appeal to young readers. Realistic Fiction Forba-Mayer,Charleen

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