Wednesday, March 30, 2011

White, Linda. Too Many Turkeys.

White, Linda Too Many Turkeys
Holiday House 2010 unp 16.95 978-0-8234-2084-1
elem Turkeys VG-BNe

The farmer and his wife take in a turkey who helps to keep bugs away and creates fertilizer for their garden. But when he becomes attracted to a female turkey, suddenly hundreds of turkeys show up in the farmer╒s yard.
When Farmer Fred and his wife Belle adopt a turkey, they find that the bird becomes an asset that keeps away bugs and provides fertilizer. The garden flourishes, but Belle wants to keep her ╥secret ingredient╙ to herself. When she leaves for a visit, the turkey finds a mate and many hundreds of friends. When his garden is overrun with turkeys, Fred finally comes up with a solution, that spills the secret, but makes everyone╒s garden better and helps him get rid of the turkeys.

Not only is the story funny, but it imparts interesting information about turkeys and organic gardening.

Megan Lloyd's illustrations are enchanting, colorful and humorous. The detail of the hundreds of turkeys will give the reader hours of delight. Almost like an I Spy or Where╒s Waldo book, there is so much to see and discover in the illustrations. Interestingly, the author and illustrator notes indicate that Lloyd actually lives on a turkey farm.

A funny and enjoyable read. Wonderful for younger (K-1) story time and family sharing. This was a delightful, informative and funny book Misc. Naismith, Pat

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