Thursday, March 31, 2011

Schwartz, Ellen. Cellular

Schwartz, Ellen. Cellular
Orca 2010 115p 9.95
978-1-55469-296-5 ms/hs Leukemia - Fiction VG-BN

Brendan is diagnosed with leukemia. In the hospital he meets Lark who is having a bone marrow transplant. She helps him come to grips with his illness. Powerful reading on a hi/lo level about teenagers faced with life-threatening illness. Gr 7+. Brendan, an athletic, good-looking high school student is diagnosed with leukemia. As he struggles to assimilate his diagnosis he goes through phases of anger and is basically a pain to be around. In the hospital he meets Lark, a teenage girl who is having a bone marrow transplant that is her last hope for surviving leukemia. Lark believes in living each day to the fullest regardless of the prognosis and shares her philosophy with Brendan. The two, being the only teens in the pediatric chemo wing of the hospital, form a bond of friendship and help each other through their treatment programs. Although slightly formulaic with Lark dying in the end and Brendan going into remission, this is a powerful look at teenagers with life-threatening illness. Their mental and emotional state as well as the physical effects of chemo and radiation are accurately portrayed. This book is the hi/lo equivalent of a McDaniels or Picoult themes. For grades 7-12. Realistic Fiction McNicol,Lois

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