Thursday, March 31, 2011

van Tol, Alex Knifepoint

van Tol, Alex Knifepoint
Orca 2010 113p 9.95
978-1-55469-305-4 ms/hs Kidnapping - Fiction VG-BN

Jill works on a dude ranch and agrees to a private horseback adventure trip. She realizes she is in trouble when her client takes her hostage. Fast-paced adventure, nail-biting suspense, with believable characters. Great action/adventure. Grades 7-12. Jill has been working outdoor adventure trips for years, first leading river rafting trips and now working a dude ranch has a horseback riding leader. She is a hard worker who takes any challenge put before her. When a single man who says he works at a neighboring ranch asks for an horseback riding adventure, a more difficult level of riding, she agrees since she is looking forward to running her horse over more difficult terrain than the usual easy trail riding. As they take a break at an abandoned cabin, he threatens her with a knife. She fights back and he ties her up. When she manages to escape, he relentlessly pursues her. Nail biting suspense, fast-paced adventure, and believable characters will pull even the most reluctant reader through to the end to see how Jill finally manages to outwit her pursuer. Like all Orca Soundings books, this title has easy vocabulary and short chapters. Perfect for the teen hi/lo reader. Grades 7-12. Conflict McNicol(3),Lois

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