Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silverstein. Snot, Poop, Vomit, and More

Silverstein, Alvin & Virginia, Laura S. Nunn Snot, Poop, Vomit, and More
Enslow 2010 48p 23.93
978-0-7660-3318-4 elem Hazardous occupations VG-BNe Yucky Science (Enslow)

While Discovery Channel has “Dirty Jobs,” the Silversteins have given young readers their own version in a great book about yucky jobs. Beginning with a brief introduction to this world of grossness, they describe unpleasant but important occupations. These range from odor testers to pig farmers, sewer workers to zoo cage cleaners, chimney sweeps to roofers, snake-milkers, and crime scene cleaners. Each occupation is explained in fascinating detail in clear, simple, and age-appropriate language. The text is enhanced by colorful illustrations and photographs and sidebar information. The book ends with a glossary, a bibliography of books and web sites, and an index. Ogintz, Susan

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