Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thompson, Paul B. Billy the Kid

Thompson, Paul B. Billy the Kid
Enslow 2010 128p 31.93
978-0-7660-3480-8 ms/hs Billy the Kid VG-BNS
Americans-Spirit of a Nation(Enslow)

The story of Billy the Kid from his birth in New York City to his death at the age of 21, and the mythology that has grown up around him. This is the definitive Billy the Kid biography for young people. In (sometimes excruciating) detail, there are descriptions of all the battles in which he was involved, all of the people who he regarded as comrades and as enemies, and everything that is known about his short but adventurous life. Of particular interest is the cult that grew up around him, especially after his death, and the books, music and movies that grew out of his story in the 20th century.
The timeline, glossary, notes and references for further research are all well done.
Kennedy, Carol

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