Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stutz, Eli. Pickle Impossible.

Stutz, Eli Pickle Impossible
Bloomsbury see St. Martins 2010 197p 15.99
978-1-59990-464-1 elm/ms Adventure and adventurers--Fiction VG

“Pierre, a particularly average French boy, and Aurore, the granddaughter of a family enemy, are pursued by would-be thieves as they try to get a jar of pickles to Bern, Switzerland, to enter a contest in hopes of saving Pierre's family farm.”

Upper elementary students are introduced to Pierre LaBouche, an average French boy, and Aurore, a twelve-year old girl who is the granddaughter of a family enemy. In this title, Pierre’s family farm is in jeopardy and they decide to try to save the family farm by entering an International Pickle Contest, “Picklelympics” in Bern, Switzerland, where they could win $100,000. When Pierre sets out to travel to the contest from France, he meets Aurore, who at first tries to steal the pickles and assists her grandfather, Zacharie Borsht, a rival of his family, in kidnapping Pierre. Soon after Pierre meets Aurore, they escape the kidnapping attempt together and she joins his mission to get the pickles to the contest safely. After wondering why Aurore joined his mission, the two travel along on a motorcycle and encounter many challenges and obstacles including a miraculous plane landing, the pool game, overcoming pickle thieves, and meeting up with Pierre’s long lost grandmother, who helps him make more pickles from the family’s recipe, all within a twenty-four hour time frame. His grandmother, Rochelle asked him to remain with her and stay young forever, for eternal youth like herself, but he knew he had a mission to accomplish for his family so he and Aurore left to enter the pickle contest.

Students who enjoy mystery, suspense, and action will enjoy this title new title. Includes interwoven French language for readers and a recipe for Geveret Chutzpadickerstein’s Homemade Pickles. Realistic Fiction Forba-Mayer,Charleen

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