Thursday, March 31, 2011

Van Eekhout, Greg. Kid vs. Squid.

Van Eekhout, Greg Kid vs. Squid
Bloomsbury see St. Martins 2010 196p 16.99
978-1-59990-489-4 elm/ms Imaginary creatures Fiction. VG

“ Spending the summer after sixth grade at his great-uncle's oceanside museum, Thatcher and local girl Trudy team up to help Shoal, one of the people of Atlantis cursed by a witch whose head still survives, and who has an army of monstrous creatures helping her.”
Upper elementary students who enjoy fantasy and science fiction will like this new title by Greg Van Eekhout. When Thatcher Hill, narrator was sent to California to live with his great-uncle Griswald for the summer and work in his Museum of the Strange and Curious and Gift Emporium, his job of dusting off exhibits became exciting when a young girl breaks in. The girl turns out to be the princess of the cursed people of Atlantis (Princess Shoal) and takes off with the “What-Is-It?” box. At this time, Thatcher begins to discover that each summer the remnants of Atlantis and returned to life due to the curse of Skalla, a beheaded witch. Thatcher and his new friend Trudy McGee begin to unravel the mystery of the disappearing head and eventually team up with Shoal to help save the world and for their civilization not to be destroyed. The team conquers maritime monsters, all controlled by the “What-Is-It?” head and to put a stop to the curse. Filled with adventure, hilarious scenes, weird creatures and monsters from the sea, and believable characters, students will find this title fast faced and interesting. However, some students may find the plot to be too fast at times. Fantasy Forba-Mayer,Charleen

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