Friday, October 28, 2011

Hillenbrand, Will. Spring is Here.

Hillenbrand, Will. Spring is Here.
Holiday House 2011 16.95
Animal stories VG
Mole must wake bear for springtime and figures out exactly what will work, a scrumptious breakfast in bed. He mixes up a winner which entices bear to eat, but the exhausted mole falls asleep next to his friend at the end. As a read-aloud for a classroom at springtime, or as an early reader for an independent learner, Spring is Here is charming. The topic of the return of spring each year is not new, but with warm, worthy illustrations and endearing animal choices, Hillenbrand tells a story that mirrors Frog and Toad’s “Spring” in quality, yet offers something new in its plot. Mole tries to wake his buddy, a hibernating bear. Bear is reluctant to leave the warmth of his bed. As a result, mole thinks of a way to start spring for bear, by serving him breakfast in bed! It works, but mole has worked so hard preparing the breakfast that he falls asleep next to his buddy, the now inspired bear, ready to confront springtime! The onomatopoeias are wonderful for the young audience, the new terms relating to making breakfast are educational, and the facial expression of bear when he finally awakens is sure to make a connection with readers of all ages! The grainy quality of the illustrations and the muted primary colors for the majority of pictures are warm and inviting.
New parents, early education teachers and elementary teachers will find a use for this book! The story is not new, but the pictures, sounds and characters offer a new look at springtime. Squaresky, Martha

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