Friday, October 28, 2011

Hurd, Thacher. Bongo Fishing.

Hurd, Thacher. Bongo Fishing.
Henry Holt/macmillan children's pub group 2011 233p 16.99
978-0-8050-9100-7 Science fiction E-BN
For any child who has stared at the night sky and wondered if there is life out there. Jason goes on an intergalactic trip with Sam from Pleiades in a space vehicle that resembles an old Dodge Dart. Witty with just enough science terms tossed in. Gr. 4-7.
This book will delight anyone who has stared at the night sky and wondered if there is life in other galaxies light years from planet earth. Jason sees something come out of the sky and land near him as he is walking home from school. Out of the vehicle, which has a close resemblance to a 1960 Dodge Dart, steps a very short, slightly bluish man. The humor takes off from there and continues all through the book. The man named Sam from the galaxy Pleiades gains Jason’s confidence. Sam’s return trip requires ingredients to fix his vehicle -- namely ketchup and marshmallows. Wonderful illustrations capture the whimsy. Sam promises to return and take Jason bongo fishing where donut holes serve as bait on a hookless line. Sam and Jason will eat gollywhoggers, an entire meal in one food that includes the taste of dessert.
Children may miss some of the illusions as a crazy therapist employs an enforcer named Oddjob. There are references to Zarathustra, parsecs and the cat is named Sputnik. Sam and his wife become frequent guests of Jason, sleeping in his closet and together they cause all sorts of mayhem, even visiting Area 51. Danger lurks as the crazy therapist tries to kidnap Sam but all is well by the end of the book. Enough fuel to fire up a science-minded reader and enough humor to cause belly laughs. Grades 4-7

Recommended for anyone who has stared up at the night sky and wondered if there was life on other galaxies. Witty and humorous, Jason meets Sam, an alien from Pleiades who drives a 1960 Dodge Dart through the universe. Grades 4-7. McNicol, Lois

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