Friday, October 28, 2011

Smith, Alex T. Foxy and Egg.

Smith, Alex T. Foxy and Egg.
Holiday House 2011 28p 17.95
978-0-8234-2330-9 Animal stories VG-BNe

“Foxy DuBois is delighted when Egg rolls up to her door, and she invites him in to enjoy dinner, games, and a place to sleep, even as she makes plans for a special breakfast.” Set in a movie setting background, elementary students meet Vivien Vixen as Foxy DuBois and her special dinner guest Edward L’Oeuf as Egg. Egg, a little pink-spotted egg, arrived at Foxy’s for dinner, he didn’t recognize the danger that lurked since his dinner companion was trying to fatten him up so that she could eat him for breakfast. After Foxy fed him a massive meal including a lot of fattening desserts, she followed dinner with fun games such as hide-and-seek and musical chairs. At the end of their fun night, Foxy invited Egg to spend the night so that he could stay for Foxy’s breakfast. That night, Foxy dreamed of all types of eggs to eat, but instead of eating Egg for breakfast, she was surprised that Egg woke up enormous, but soon started to crack and hatch. What Foxy saw instead was an enormous green looking animal that appears to be some sort of alligator who in turn wanted to feast on her.

Includes great color illustrations and easy-to-read text for young readers. Would make a great addition to an elementary library collection.
Forba-Mayer, Charleen

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