Friday, October 28, 2011

Sobey, Ed, PhD. Cool Science Projects with Technology.

Sobey, Ed, PhD. Cool Science Projects with Technology.
Enslow 2011 128p 31.93

Cool Science Projects with Technology VG-BNS

This is a how-to book about creating science experiments that make use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power. There is a misleading sentence right on page 7, in the introduction: “It takes many centuries, however, to replenish the oil, coal, and gas that we use for most of our energy today.” In fact, these resources would take about 90 million years to replenish, so “many centuries” is very quite an understatement and misleading.
However, this book is well laid-out, attractive, and fairly clear in conveying the information it seeks to convey. It takes students through science experiments step-by-step, with plenty of explanation about how things work.
Some of the web pages that are cited in the “for further research” section are a bit “young” for the intended age-group: for example, a website that focuses on Tinker Bell. Each book in the series covers a particular type of scientific experiment ... for example, robot experiments, radio-controlled car experiments, etc. This is recommended for collections that serve students involved in science fairs and other kinds of scientific experimentation. Kennedy, Carol

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