Friday, October 28, 2011

Sobey,Ed, PhD. Electric Motor Experiments.

Sobey,Ed, PhD. Electric Motor Experiments.
Enslow 2011 128p 31.93
978-0-7660-3306-1 Cool Science Projects with Technology E-BN

Through the use of series of experiments, readers learn about how battery driven, DC motors work. Upper elementary and middle school readers who love to find out how things work will love this book on basic, electric motors. Following a brief introduction about motors and DC battery power vs. AC outlet power, a series of brief experiments are used to introduce the reader to motors. Every experiment begins with a “Things you will need” list and is followed by a stepwise of how to conduct the experiment and possible results. Every experiment also emphasizes the importance of safety and recommends having a parent or teacher on-hand. Side bars with related topics are scattered throughout the books as well; some topics include: “disposing of batteries” and “idea for science fair project.” Photos throughout the book illustrate many of the experiments.
The book concludes with resources for locating experiment components, a glossary, and print and web bibliographies. This series is complete in 4 titles. Given that the other titles are comparable, this series will help students who really enjoy hands-on learning, find an outlet for their interests. A wonderful resource for elementary and middle school science fair projects. Highly recommended for elementary school, middle school and public libraries. Fisher, Lynn

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