Friday, October 28, 2011

Taylor, Greg. The Girl Who Became a Beatle.

Taylor, Greg. The Girl Who Became a Beatle.
Feiwel&Friends/Macmillan Child Pub Gr 2011 281p 9.99
978-0-312-60683-1 VG

When Regina makes a wish, little did she know it would be granted. Her alternate life is a dream come true but not base on a true reality since she knows the truth. Can she live knowing this life she now has is based on lies? Regina or Gina as she is known by her friends is the leader of her band The Caverns. They are not getting many gigs and the group feels that maybe they should incorporate more modern music instead of always playing Beatles music. The last gig was the last straw for band members Lorna and Danny the drummer. In fact, they were offered a spot on another band and are ready to move on. That is when Gina makes her wish and it is granted.
She wakes up to find that she is at the top of the music list and her songs are the greatest and have won a few awards. She soon discovers that her songs are actually Beatles songs. However, no one seems to know who the Beatles are and in her alternate world the Beatles do not exist and their songs are her songs. Then she discovers that she has already had a relationship with Julian, the boy she really likes but she does not remember it, At All!!!! In this world she has already moved on to some other boy who seems to be nice but he is not Julian. Somehow it does not seem fair that she would have missed having a relationship with Julian. On the other hand, she sort of likes this world where she can actually have a relationship with her mother and her father.
To Gina’s surprise she discovers that just as she knows this is not her world, there are others just like her. She has a choice; she can accept this world of fame or go back and live her life as a normal teenager. Hard choices!!!
A story that was written with Miley Cyrus in mind. I can just picture her and her father in the role of father and daughter dealing with mother and boyfriend issues. The story is very interesting but the conflict not very well defined. There really is no right or wrong, there are only choices of fame or anonymity.
Diaz, Magna

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