Friday, October 28, 2011

Thompson, Carol. I Like You the Best.

Thompson, Carol. I Like You the Best.
Holiday House 2011 unp 16.95
978-0-8234-2341-5 E-BNes

Dolly and Jack are the best of friends. They did everything together until they decide to do a picture of each other and took a good look at how they portrayed each other. They became angry and had a terrible fight. Now they are lonely and missing each other. How can they become friends again?
Dolly the pig and Jack the rabbit are the best of friends. They do everything together. They play together, they laugh together, they listen to music together, they giggle together and they sing together. Then one Jack comes by wearing a beret looking like an artist and he asked Dolly if he could paint her. Dolly thinks it is a grand idea and she gets her paints and does a picture of Jack. When they were done they looked at each other pictures. Dolly complained that Jack made her look like a lumpy pumpkin and Jack complained that Dolly made his ears look like slimy slugs. Dolly grabbed her things and angrily walked out and Jack told her to never come back. They both sulked at home at how angry they were but gradually they become sad and lonely and are missing each other and the way they share laughter, fun and games. They must find a way to become friends but how can they make up and be friends again?
A funny cute story full of delightful images of two cute characters. Their delight in each other is fun to watch and when the fight breaks out you can feel how much they miss each others company until they can take it no more and find a way to mend their friendship.
Kids will truly enjoy this picture book.
Diaz, Magna

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