Monday, November 28, 2011

Bunting, Eve Hey Diddle Diddle

Bunting, Eve      Hey Diddle Diddle.
 Boyd's Mills      2011  unp   16.95 978-1-59078-768-7 
 elem              VG-BNe       

A variation on the old nursery rhyme presents an entire animal band, incased in a music box for a child’s enjoyment.
      This delightful variation  on the old nursery rhyme begins in the usual
fashion, but the presents new animals playing different musical instruments. 
The child-like nonsense rhymes, such as “Hey diddle dumpet, the camel plays
trumpet,” just add to the fun.  Each page presents a new animal and a new
instrument, until the dog conductor beings them all together as an orchestra. 
The perspective completely changes when a child comes in to wind the music box
and look inside at the animal band.  The ending is clever, the soft
illustrations are just right to be shared as a family. 

Although no notes are included at the end, the story could be used as a
springboard for a language activity, with children creating their own rhymes for new instruments and animals.  This story can lend itself to many activities, artistic and linguistic.  A truly attractive and humorous addition to any elementary collection.
            Naismith, Pat


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