Monday, November 28, 2011

Bunting, Eve. The Pirate Captain’s Daughter.

Bunting, Eve.      The Pirate Captain’s Daughter.
Sleeping Bear Press(Cengage)
      2011  208p  8.95  978-1-58536-525-8 
 ms/jr Misc.       E-BN  

 Catherine’s mother is ailing and her father is mostly away at sea as captain of his ship. He has come home but it is too late for her mother and now Catherine must worry about her future. What will become of her if her father leaves her behind?     

15 year old Catherine takes care of her mother while her father is away at sea. She knows that her father is a pirate captain but she does not let on that she knows until the day her mother passes away. Now worried about her own future Catherine confronts her father and lets him know that she knows he is in command of a pirate ship and she want to leave with him. At first he is horrified with the idea of a girl on board ship or even disguise as a boy. But Catherine insist that she will be able to hide her identity if given the chance. 
 A pirate ship is not all her imagination led her to believe.  As they sail away Catherine now Charlie in disguise discovers that the sailors on the pirate ship are more prone to violence and she knows that if they discover her on board it will bode ill for her and her father. At first all seems calm but destiny has a way of uncovering that which was meant to stay hidden and the consequences are more than Catherine was willing to pay. In fact she is lucky she still has her life. But now she is stuck on an island with the Cabin boy William who happens to be her age. Together they need to find a way off the island.... but we will probably have to wait for the next book to continue the adventures of Catherine the Pirate Captain’s daughter.            Diaz, Magna


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