Monday, November 28, 2011

Burgan, Michael. Searching For Aliens UFOs, and Men In Black.

Burgan, Michael.   Searching For Aliens UFOs, and Men In Black.      
Capstone Publishers  2011  48p   30.65 978-1-4296-4816-5 
 elm/ms      Graphic-non-fiction    

The fascinating world of alien abduction, UFOs and extraterrestrial communication is explored in this balanced volume, which presents opinions and facts from both believers and skeptics.     Visually
stimulating and factually interesting, this volume presents the popular topic of aliens and UFOs in a balanced manner, presenting the facts, supplemented with opinions of both believers and skeptics.  The page layout is pleasing to the eye, and presents fact boxes and word definitions in harmony with the narrative text.
Solid facts and enticing graphics enhance an already popular topic.  The only
problems are the omission of Area 51 from the narrative, and no mention of the
popular films in the section on Men in Black.  That said, overall, this is one
of the best titles on this subject currently available to middle readers.  It
will serve well for both recreational reading and research.  

The supplemental material includes a glossary, bibliographical references and an index. FactHound provides additional access to information on the topic via the web by entering the ISBN of the book on the website.  This book is part of
the Velocity: Unexplained Phenomina series.  The series consists of  4 books at
this time.  The focus of the series is to give historical and factual
information about mysterious and paranormal topics.   Naismith, Pat


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