Saturday, November 10, 2012

Choyce, Lesley. Breaking Point.

Choyce, Lesley.   Breaking Point.   Orca  124p  $9.95 978-1-4598-0128-8       ms/hs Orca Soundings    VG    Survival   

For his latest breaking-and-entering conviction, Cameron chooses an outdoor wilderness program off the coast of Nova Scotia as his punishment instead of a standard juvenile detention facility.  There he meets Brianna, who was convicted for selling drugs at her school.  Brianna convinces Cameron to join her in an escape plan in which they steal two kayaks and head to Canada.

As the two prepare for their escape
, they learn of an impending hurricane headed their way.  Undaunted by the warning, they take off into the storm’s dangerous path and soon face strong winds, heavy rains and raging waters.  Their escape rapidly turns into a journey for survival.

As the adventure unfolds, Lesley Choyce takes the reader on the
two teens’ physical and emotional journey as their priorities change from escape to survival.  The reader really feels the urgency and sense of danger that the characters encounter.  As their plan for survival plays out, the author then takes the reader on the thrilling ethical path that the pair travels to determine whether they will continue with their escape plan or seek rescue and return to incarceration.

The short story is fast-paced and well written
, and it will appeal to many young and reluctant readers.  The entertaining and engaging plot allows the reader to experience difficult situations and the consequences of the choices the characters have made.

This book is one in the Orca Soundings series.
 The series currently consists of 19 titles whose common theme is troubled or at-risk adolescents, the choices they make, and the ensuing consequences.  This book is recommended for young and reluctant readers. It is recommended as an essential book for middle-school and high-school libraries.   

Prison – Fiction, Severe weather – Fiction, Survival – Fiction, Realistic fiction                                             -- Virginia McGarvey

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