Saturday, November 10, 2012

Coriell, Shelley. Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe.

Coriell, Shelley.       Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe.     Amulet see Abrams, Harry  299p      $16.95      978-1-4197-0191-7           ms/jr       E-BN  Realistic fiction

Yesterday, Chloe was a golden girl with two best friends in the world; today she is not sure what happened, but her best friends will not even look at her or talk to her.  Must Chloe reinvent herself to become part of the student body, or should she just stay alone?    It all started the night of the homecoming dance and Chloe was homecoming queen!  What a night to remember! Chloe was in seventh heaven, but reality can be an earth shaker.  Summer came and went, and Chloe was anxious to get back to school to see her best friends.  Then came a reality check: neither one of her best friends would acknowledge her. They walked right by her or they turned their back on her and shunned her.  She had no idea what was going on and she tried to talk to some of their other friends, but all she got was stares.
She was not sure what happened
, but she found herself friendless and no one in school would talk to her.  And on top of that, her final project proposal was rejected, and she had to choose another project.  When her counselor suggested the student radio station she was stunned!  As it turned out, once she was able to wrap her head around the idea, it became a challenge not unlike the challenges she was facing at home with her grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s and needed to be watched all the time.

This is a fun book with some very funny and serious moments that take Chloe to  new levels and provide her with the ability to make new friends.           -- Magna Diaz                

Friendship – Fiction, Realistic fiction                   

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