Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bow, Erin. Sorrow’s Knot.

Bow, Erin.  Sorrow’s Knot.  Scholastic/Arthur Levine  2013  342p  $17.99      ISBN 978-0-545-16666-9    hs  Fantasy  E-BN     

Otter must find a way to stop the White Hands or become one herself.    Three friends, a Storyteller, a Hunter, and a Binder, live in a village that is surrounded by ghosts.  An ordinary Binder can deal with most ghosts, but White Hands devour the spirits of the living, and it takes a Binder with legendary skills to successfully contain a White Hand.  When the village is confronted by a White Hand that had once been a Binder, the three friends must journey to the dawn of legends to seek a solution.

Erin Bow has created an eerie, atmospheric novel
in the style of a Native American folk tale.  In the process, her superb world-building provides a rich backdrop to the exploration of profound questions about sacrifice, freedom, love, life, grief, and death.  Each character is fully rounded and developed, providing glimpses of humanity that readers will recognize in themselves and others.

Delicate and spine-chilling, this book will keep readers up late at night, haunting them long after they’ve turned the final page.

Summary: Otter must find a way to stop the White Hands or become one herself.

Ghosts-Fiction, Horror-Fiction                              --Hilary Welliver

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