Sunday, April 20, 2014

Deion Sanders.

Macnow, Glen.  Deion Sanders.  Enslow/Speeding Star  2013     64p $14.95  ISBN 978-1-62285-045-7     elem/ms    series: Hall of Fame Sports Greats  Sports biography  VG-BN  

Most young sports fans will probably recognize Deion Sanders as a football analyst and Pro Football Hall of Fame member (Class of 2011) since his professional athletic career ended in 2001.  Sanders possessed the rare athletic ability to excel for over a decade in two major professional sports, football and baseball.  There are numerous photographs that illustrate various points of his career and the many teams he played for.  Most of the focus of the book is on Sanders’ football career, since that was his stronger sport.  While career statistical information for his football career is included in a chart, his baseball statistics are missing.  Sanders’ charity work is briefly mentioned toward the end of the book and could have been given more than a paragraph.  An index, contact information and web references are included.     

This series features athletes that have made their respective Halls of Fame, which will serve two purposes -- interest the sports fans and prevent dating of the material once the career is over.  It is appropriate for older hi/lo readers.    

Summary: Deion “Prime Time” Sanders made a name for himself as a flashy, productive two-sport star (baseball and football).

Deion Sanders, Sports biography                       --Stephanie Pennucci

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