Sunday, April 20, 2014

Troy Aikman.

Macnow, Glen.  Troy Aikman.  Enslow/Speeding Star     2013  64p   $13.45  ISBN 978-1-62285-040-2      elem/ms    series: Hall of Fame Sports Greats  Sports biography  E-BN

Troy Aikman was Mr. Quarterback in the 1990’s, winning three Super Bowl games.  This book traces his rise to power from high school through college to pro football with all the ups and downs that ultimately led this even-keeled quarterback to the Football Hall of Fame.  The text looks at the best moments of his career as well as some of the hurdles he faced. Little is said of his personal life except for his philanthropic efforts, but for football fans, the excitement that rolls off the pages during clutch moments of his career will thrill them, even if they have never seen him play.  His team spirit receives as much attention as his athletic prowess at throwing a football.  For fans of the history of football and those who want to know about the greats of the sport, this book is a first choice.  Colorful photos of his career accompany the book, as well as a chart of statistics.  This book could be used in high schools that need hi/lo books on football players who have gained entrance into the Football Hall of Fame. 

Hall of Fame Sports Greats covers the most thrilling moments of athletes who have made a difference in their sport.  Colorful photos as well as statistical charts provide readers with visual impact, but the writing is what creates the excitement. Gr. 3-8    

Summary: Chronicles the best moments of Troy Aikman’s career from high school through his career with the Dallas Cowboys and entrance into the Hall of Fame. Colorful photos accompany the quick-reading text. Grades 4-8.  

Troy Aikman, Football-Biography                             --Lois McNicol

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