Sunday, April 20, 2014

Smokin’ Race Cars.

Kelley, K.C.  Smokin’ Race Cars.  Enslow/Speeding Star  2013      48p     $13.95  ISBN 978-1-62285-095-2  elem  series: Fast Wheels  Sports  E-BNes 

This title, which explains all about stock car racing, will attract boys.  It gives the history of NASCAR, highlighting early heroes.  Then the car is described, with information about the engine, chassis, body, cockpit, and accessories.  All the excitement of race day comes though the writing.  Several of NASCAR’s prominent drivers are featured.

There are full
-page inserts of extra information.  They highlight the drivers, tracks, procedures, and safety concerns, providing valuable insights.  A glossary, sources of further information, and an index are included.

The text is straightforward and on
-target for the age group, and the photography is bright and colorful.  The small size of the book is inviting.  A great deal of amount of information is presented in only 48 pages.
Students will gobble this up.  It is inviting and well written, and it provides excellent information.
The Fast Wheels series has four titles: Smokin’ Motorcycles, Smokin’ Dragsters and Funny Cars, and Smokin’ Muscle Cars in addition to Smokin’ Race Cars.  Each one presents exciting facts in an interesting way.  

Summary: This book introduces elementary readers to NASCAR.  It briefly explains the history, the cars, procedures during a race and famous drivers.  Pictures and in-depth text make this title good for information.  Grades 3-6

NASCAR                                                      --Joan Theal

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