Sunday, April 20, 2014

Still Life (series Tune: Book 2).

Kim, Derek Kirk.  Still Life (series Tune: Book 2).  Macmillan/First Second  2013  201p.  $16.99  ISBN 978-1-5964-3760-9  hs/adult  Graphic novel  VG-BN     

Andy Go is an artist who can’t find a job.  He decides to accept what he believes to be a one-year offer to live in an alien zoo.  Andy soon realizes that he was tricked into signing a life-long contract. He can’t see the other exhibits in the zoo, but speaks to his neighbor through a vent.  The zoo decides it is time to bring a female into the exhibit, and Andy convinces them to get the girl with whom he is in love.  The graphic novel is humorous and will appeal to high-school students.  Andy, who is in his early twenties, makes some references that many teens may not understand, such as to Bill Hicks and Curb Your Enthusiasm. There are a few brief mentions of sex and virginity, but overall the language is relatively tame.  This is book two in the Tune series, and while it was easy to follow the story, it would be helpful to read this series in order.       

Humor, Zoos-Fiction, Science fiction            --Stephanie Pennucci

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