Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cowboy Up! Ride The Navajo Rodeo.

Flood, Nancy Bo.  Cowboy Up! Ride The Navajo Rodeo.  Boyd's Mills/Word Song   2013  40p  $17.95  ISBN 978-1-59078-893-6  elem  Nonfiction  E-BN

Rodeos are a cultural and community event in almost every western state.  This book focuses on local rodeos held weekly that draw Navajo participants of all ages, but it presents mainly children and teenagers who compete in the local events.  While the focus is on Navajo rodeos, this book is a perfect introduction to rodeos of any type and locale, from local events to national competitions.  Kudos to the illustrators for using close-up photos of the faces of young rodeo participants for the end pages, with the front two pages having different photos from the last two pages.  The two-page spreads feature poems that reflect the training, pride, and sometimes fear associated with a particular rodeo event; an announcer’s introduction to the event, and an action-packed photo of the event along with a description of its rules and goals.  Young people from age four can participate in events such as mutton riding, while older children will do roping and barrel racing, with teens competing in bronco-riding, bull-riding, and team roping events.  The cowboy prayer reflects the Navajo reverence for the animals and kinship with nature.  The community spirit and ethics of participants reflect the desire to help fellow participants by volunteering or training young riders.  An excellent introduction to a day in the life of a rodeo participant. Grades 2-6.

Summary: Crisp, action-packed color photos of Navajo young people competing in local rodeos.  Each two-page spread starts with an announcers set-up for an event, a poem related to the event, rules of the event and a color photo of a rider in action.  Excellent! Gr. 2-6.
Rodeos                                                --Lois McNicol

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