Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Kid’s Guide To Sports Media.

Frederick, Shane.  The Kid’s Guide To Sports Media.  Capstone Publishers      2014  48p  $23.49  ISBN 978-1-4765-4152-5  elem/ms  series: SI Kids Guide Books  Nonfiction  VG-BNs         

Shane Frederick has been writing about sports since he worked for his high-school newspaper.  He is currently an award-winning sports reporter for The Free Press newspaper in Mankato, Minnesota, and the author of several sports books. 

The incredible popularity of social media has been a game-changer in the sports world.
 Fans follow their favorite teams and athletes via Facebook and Twitter.  Readers are free to watch games on mobile devices, on television, or via cable, or even to listen on the radio.  Frederick describes how sports coverage got its start in ancient Greece.  He leads readers through a history of sports reporting, especially through newspapers, radio, and television.  Then he explains how social media and the Internet have created a plethora of choices for sports fans worldwide. 

Produced in partnership with Sports Illustrated
for KIDS, this is a well-researched, comprehensive, and very readable addition to any school or public collection.

Summary: Sports coverage has evolved over the centuries.  Discover what media are the current game-changers!     

Sports media                                          --Hilary Welliver

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