Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ghosts of Gettysburg and Other Hauntings of the East.

Garbe, Suzanne.  Ghosts of Gettysburg and Other Hauntings of the East.  Capstone Publishers     2014  32p   $27.32  ISBN 978-1-4765-3916-4  elem  series: Haunted America  Scary stories VG-BN

Ghosts of Gettysburg is probably not an apt title for this book.  The book actually only has one story of the Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania.  The rest of the stories are distributed along the east coast, with three set in Massachusetts, two in Maryland, and one each in Washington, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, and Rhode Island.  The stories are good and scary.  Many of the hauntings involve paranormal activities.  A few are ghosts and all of them are really interesting stories.  The story set in Gettysburg dates back to 1863 and is about sounds, smells, footsteps, voices and ghosts. Another story that is famous is set at the Lizzie Borden house, where it is said she killed her father with an ax.  The Washington haunting takes place in the White House.  It is said that William Lincoln, a son of Abraham Lincoln who died very young, has been seen.  The kids will enjoy reading the book, and if they go traveling around the states they may even take this book along to confirm the stories.

The hauntings are ranked for scariness.
 The book is beautifully illustrated with color pictures.  It includes a glossary, a map,  a list of more places to explore, a “read more” section, a list of internet sites, and an index.

Summary: Ghosts of Gettysburg and Other Hauntings of the East is a good book that will scare the young but keep them reading.         

Ghost stories                                         --Magna Diaz

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