Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tyler Perry.

Gitlin, Marty.  Tyler Perry.  Enslow  2014  104p  $26.60  ISBN 978-0-7660-4241-4  jr/sr   series: African Americans Icons  Biography  E-BN

This is a biography that will move you and help you understand why Tyler Perry writes such inspiring scripts and plays.  They teach a lesson but they are also funny.  Humor permeates his plays and films, but the truth is in every scene for all to see.  His most famous character, Medea, will have you laughing and hooting at her antics, but she might also remind you of a family member that simply lives life to the fullest.  Perry’s childhood was full of abuse on many levels, and the amazing thing is that he has been able to channel all the damage done to him and rise above it all.  He survived an abusive father, sexual abuse from different sources, and continual beatings all during his childhood.

This is a truly excellent biography that will inspire others.  Tyler Perry has achieved stardom, and he is known for his altruism.  He has over sixteen films to his name and he is still a rising star.

There are no pictures, and I believe that they would have enhanced the book.  But the book includes a filmography, an index, chapter notes, suggestions for further reading, a glossary and a chronology.

Other books in the African American Icons series cover Chris Rock, Jennifer Hudson, and Jay-Z.

Summary: A heartwarming biography on the playwright and motion-picture producer and actor Tyler Perry.       

Tyler Perry-Biography                                 --Magna Diaz

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