Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Into the Air: Bombers.

Nardo, Don.  Into the Air: Bombers.  Morgan Reynolds  2013  64p  $27.45  ISBN 978-155935378-4  ms/hs  series: The Military Experience In the Air  Nonfiction  E-BN

With awesome photographs of the various bombers and their arsenals,  this book will attract the casual browser as well as student researchers.  Quick-fact boxes are interspersed with text that is easily read and is loaded with information.  The first-person narratives of what it’s like to be a pilot associated with a bombing run describe the tension, urgency and need for precision that accompany any flight mission.  From the first use of Zeppelins to the development of the B-29, B-52, B-1B and B-2, each aircraft receives the attention needed to show its increased capabilities and unique characteristics.  Recent missions in Iraq and Libya show readers the awesome power that current bombers possess.  There is a definite patriotic flavor that ends a couple of chapters, touting the impressive might of the American military.  For a quick introduction to bombers--how, when and why they are used and their effectiveness--this book will be the first place to start reading. The explanations of the various bombs--atomic, cluster, guided missiles, MOAB--and the differences between smart and dumb bombs give readers an understanding of the power and effects of each.  The future of the 2037 bomb now being proposed will give young readers a perspective of what the future holds.

The Military Experience, In the Air series contains seven titles. Each covers a specific aircraft, with one book discussing the training needed to become a pilot.  Crisp color photos, easy-reading, informative text accompanied by quick-fact boxes and first-person narratives. Gr 6-12.    

Summary: Traces the development of bombers, their use in war, and the different kinds of bombs dropped by aircraft, from the atomic bomb to guided missiles and MOAB.  Perfect reading for those considering a military life or career as an aviation engineer. Gr. 6-12.

Military aircraft, Bombers                            --Lois McNicol

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