Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Into the Air: Drones.

Nardo, Don.  Into the Air: Drones.  Morgan Reynolds  2013  64p  $27.45  ISBN 978-155935-384-5  ms/hs  series: The Military Experience In the Air  Nonfiction  E-BN

The newest form of military surveillance and assault aircraft has caused plenty of controversy.  This book starts with the history of drone development and then goes on to incorporate excellent photos that show the reader the size of drones used by the military. It also provides first-person narratives by pilots that testify to the emotional toll placed on them, and it does not shy away from the controversies that have arisen over drone use.  This is a first-rate place to start research on drones.  Emphasis is placed on the  changes brought about by the use of drones and the impact they have had on warfare strategy and  tactics, and the resulting changes to the deployment of military personnel.  The chapter on the future of drones, both in civilian and military arenas, will give the reader much to think about.  The only quibble is the caption to the photo on page 39.  It says “American citizens hold a banner during a peace march in Tank, Pakistan. Students may question this, as the dress and facial features of the banner-holders seem to indicate they are natives of Pakistan.  Were Pakistani-Americans really on site in Tank, Pakistan, for the protest, or were these Pakistani citizens protesting?  In general, the book is a first-rate visual experience as well as one that provides facts about the history and the use of drones in military missions.       

The Military Experience, In the Air series consists of seven titles. Each covers a specific aircraft, with one book discussing the training needed to become a pilot.  Crisp color photos, easy-reading, informative text, accompanied by quick-fact boxes and first-person narratives. Gr 6-12.

Summary: Provides a history of drone development and their current uses by military.  Awesome color photos show the size of the drones (in relation to men standing nearby), and-first person narratives from pilots provide readers with real-life experiences. Gr. 6-12,       

Military drones                                       --Lois McNicol

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