Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Human Rights.

Scherer, Lauri S.  Human Rights.  Gale/Greenhaven     2014  144p  $38.45  ISBN 978-0-7377-6924-1  ms/hs  series: Introducing Issues w/Opposing Viewpoints  Nonfiction  VG   

This concise book is well written and well organized, and it provides a lot of introductory information about both sides of a controversy, for which this series is traditionally known.  Accurate information is disseminated in a succinct manner that relates facts without opinion or bias on the debate of issues regarding human rights.  Different from its parent series, Opposing Viewpoints, books in this series provide introductions to debatable issues that will not intimidate or overwhelm young and struggling readers.  They also whet the appetites of young readers, leading to further research and reading.

In addition to the informative text
, there is the considerable visual appeal.  Full-color illustrations, photographs, graphs, and text boxes enhance the well-written text and will engage the reader.  The page layout also provides consistency with the other titles in this series, and provides students with a familiarity of flow in this book.

Human Rights lives up to the remarkable reputation of
the other titles in this popular series.  It is a very good resource for young readers and researchers, and information is validated through additional sources.  The detailed table of contents, information pages, lists of organizations to contact, bibliography and comprehensive index make this a very good resource.
This is one book in the Introducing Issues with Opposing Viewpoints series, which provides factual information regarding debates over controversial issues.  Consistency of format throughout the series makes it valuable for middle- and high-school libraries.  There are currently 109 volumes in this series.     

Summary: This book introduces the topic of human rights through a debate of issues on what constitutes a human right, what constitutes a violation of human rights, and how the United States should protect human rights.

Human rights                                          --Virginia McGarvey

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