Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Schaefer, Jack.  Shane.  Houghton Mifflin  1949  168p  $8.99      ISBN 978-0-544-23947-0  hs/adult  Historical fiction  E-BN           

Shane, Jack Schaefer’s classic tale of the lone gunman who rides into town and becomes the friend and guardian to the Starrett family at a time when homesteaders and cattle rangers battled for territory, has been reissued with illustrations by Wendell Minor.  The captivating images combined with an introduction by the author will introduce a new generation of readers to this timeless story of bravery and integrity on the Western frontier.

Told from the viewpoint of young Bob Starrett,
Shane describes how the Starrett family’s life is forever changed when a mysterious gunman named Shane rides into their lives.  Although he only intended to stay the night, Bob’s father convinces Shane to stay on to help him work the farm.  The two become close friends. 

Meanwhile, a powerful neighboring rancher attempts to drive the Starret
ts off their homestead.  Shane becomes entangled in the deadly feud and is backed into an inevitable gunfight.  Though he emerges victorious, the dynamics have changed, and Shane decides to move on, having profoundly influenced the character of young Bob Starrett.

No collection of Western fiction is complete without this slim

Westerns-Fiction, Classics-Fiction                          --Hilary Welliver

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