Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Winner’s Curse. (The Winner’s Trilogy Bk1)

Rutkoski, Marie.  The Winner’s Curse. (The Winner’s Trilogy Bk1)  Farrar Strauss Giroux   2014  355  $18.00  ISBN 978-0-3743-8467-8 jr/sr   Science fiction   E-BN     

Krestel is a feisty heroine skilled in the military arts and weaponry but not yet a warrior.  She is a girl who would prefer to play the piano as her mother did; however, her father has other ideas.  Brought up in a military home with a general for a father, she is expected to join him in a military career, although she would prefer to have the freedom to choose her own life.

Then one day she passes by the slave auction house
, and she finds herself the owner of a young man whose tribe her country has conquered.  His entry into her life and home marks the beginning of an intrigue that will leave her wondering about her choices and the direction her life should take.

This is the fast-paced first book in a series that will change things around as it moves forward into a future unknown to both hero and heroine, who hail from different stations in life, creating a clash that is sure to present itself when both will have to choose their futures.       

Summary: Krestel is the general’s daughter, and she has been groomed to take her place in the palace guards.  Her father is hoping she will serve with his guards. 

Love-Fiction, Slavery-Fiction                         --Magna Diaz

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