Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jasmine and Maddie.

Pakkala, Christine.  Jasmine and Maddie.  Boyd's Mills Press      2014  203p  $16.95  ISBN 978-1-62091-739-8     ms      Conflict    VG-BN

When Jasmine and her mother move after her father’s death to be closer to relatives, her life is thrown into chaos and her social status changes. Since they now live in a trailer park, Jasmine isn’t sure how she will fit into the school, which has many rich kids.  Maddie is the middle child of a wealthy family who is filled with doubts about her place in the family and hides her insecurities.  Thrown together in language arts class, Maddie and Jasmine learn about each other and eventually realize they actually could be friends.  With a poetry project and math assignments as the basis for plot development, metaphors and similes abound, and references to Emily Dickinson’s poetry are well integrated into the plot. This is a perfect read for someone not sure of their place in their school, family, or world.  Mistakes are made, feelings are hurt, but the growth of each girl demonstrates that she has a solid future ahead of her.  Filled with delightful turns of phrase, wit, and family bonds, this is a book that will appeal to many readers and show that it is not where you live or the clothes you wear that make the person you are.         

Summary: Jasmine, living in a trailer park, and Maddie, living in a swanky suburb, originally bristle at each other, but find they may share common ground. Outside appearances hide similar insecurities and unique talents. A great book about fitting in. Grades 5-8.

Friendship-Fiction, Class differences-Fiction               --Lois McNicol

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