Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sleep Problems.

Nardo, Don.  Sleep Problems.  Gale/Lucent  2014  104p  $32.10     ISBN 978-1-4205-1150-5  ms/jr  series: Nutrition & Health  Nonfiction  VG   

This brief book provides a lot of information about sleep disorders.  Each succinct chapter provides a wealth of information but is presented in a manner understandable to young readers.  Although the author does present technical terms, they are thoroughly explained.  The text is very informative, and text boxes and graphics enhance and clarify it.  The text flows well, and the brief text on pages will not intimidate or overwhelm readers.

In addition to the informative text
there is also plenty of visual appeal. Use of full-color photographs and charts will engage and excite the reader.  Color text denotes new concepts within chapters and highlights the captions.  Colored “Health Fact” boxes stand out and provide additional information.

This book will re
sonate well with young readers and researchers.  The table of contents, notes, glossary, list of organizations to contact, and index make this a great resource for middle-school libraries.
This is one book in the Nutrition & Health series.

Summary: This volume describes sleep myths, why sleep is vital, the chief sleep disorder of insomnia, other sleep disorders, odd behaviors during sleep and finding paths to better sleep.          

Sleep disorders                                       --Virginia McGarvey

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