Monday, March 9, 2015

Park Scientists.

Carson, Mary Kay.  Park Scientists.  Houghton Mifflin  2014  75p  $18.99  ISBN 978-0-547-79268-2  ms/hs  series: Scientists In the Field (HM)#8  Nonfiction  E-BNS   

Scientific study is conducted in our national parks by scientists who are also park rangers.  In these protected, pristine settings they can conduct long-term studies, and this title highlights several of these studies.  In Yellowstone National Park, scientists study the geysers and other geothermal features as well as the grizzly population.  In Saguaro National Park, they track gila monsters and inventory cacti.  In Great Smoky Mountains National Park, they study rare salamanders and lightning bugs.

This title explains some of the studies taking place, who is involved, and the scientific procedures being used at each location.  The text is clear and easy to understand.  The accompanying photographs are gorgeous and enhance the text.  Sources for connecting to these sites and studies is provided.  Words to know, sources of the quotations used, and an index are included.

The large picture
-book format makes this title look deceptively young.  The text and topics are much more suited to students in middle school and above.  The Scientists in the Field series consists of 26 titles, each highlighting the people in a specific field of study and their work.  

Summary: Park-ranger scientists monitor and study plants, animals and geologic formations in our National Parks.  Each location is different and involves long-term study of a pristine ecosystem.  Gorgeous photography.  Middle school and up.     

Park rangers, Scientists                                    --Joan Theal

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