Monday, March 9, 2015


Cassidy, Sara.  Skylark.  Orca  2014  130p  $9.95  ISBN 978-1-4598-0590-3  ms/hs      Conflict  VG-BN

In this short, reader-friendly novel, Angela is a teenage girl who lives with her mother and brother Clem in their Buick Skylark, as they are unable to afford an apartment or house.  Dad left a few months ago to look for work in another city, and Mom is unable to do much since her accident.  Things are looking pretty grim.  But then Angela discovers poetry slams, and finds that she has a gift for poetry.  Both she and Clem have found interests and activities that take them away from their sadness.  By pursuing these interests and actively working at maintaining their ties as a family, Angela, Clem and their parents manage to find hope and rise above their situation.  The novel ends on a hopeful note as the family prepares to reunite and move into public housing.       

Summary: Angela lives with her brother and mother in their Buick Skylark.  Ever since Mom had her accident and Dad moved away, they have been unable to live in an apartment or house.  But when Angela discovers poetry slams, her life starts to turn around.     

Homelessness-Fiction, Poetry-Fiction                        --Carol Kennedy

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