Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Shakespeare, William. Macbeth.

Shakespeare, William.  Macbeth.  Random/Candlewick Press  146p.  $21.99  ISBN 978-0-7636-6943-0   ms/hs  Graphic novel  E-BN     

Hinds produces another high-quality interpretation of Shakespeare’s work in the graphic novel Macbeth.  The talented artist set the story in 12th-century Scotland, a compromise between the 11th century of the real Macbeth and Shakespeare’s disregard for historical accuracy.  He uses muted gray, green and brown tones masterfully throughout the work to emphasize the darkness of the story.  The text is a modified version of the original, but it flows eloquently and key plot points are not lost.  Artistic and editorial decisions are noted in several pages at the end of the book.  Highly recommended as a supplementary text for classes studying Shakespeare’s work.      

Summary: Shakespeare’s Macbeth is illustrated in graphic-novel format.       

Macbeth, Shakespeare                                        --Stephanie Pennucci

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