Friday, March 18, 2016

Bancks, Tristan. On the Run.

Bancks, Tristan.  On the Run.  Macmillan/Farrar Strauss     2015  227p  $16.99  ISBN 978-0-374-30153-8  elem/ms   Conflict  VG-BN      

Ben has always wanted to become a cop. One afternoon the police come to the front door asking about his parents. Shortly thereafter his parents’ car pulls up and they take Ben and his sister away to a remote cabin. The parents stock the cabin and then take off after locking the kids inside. Ben finds his parents stolen money and hides it in the woods. His father discovers the money is gone. The police arrive. Ben and his sister find themselves escaping into the woods.

It is a fast
-paced story in which readers will see that actions have consequences and even young people understand right and wrong. This is an excellent book for any elementary/middle school library.   

Summary: Readers will turn the pages quickly, as Ben has to deal with police chasing his parents and his being deserted and left alone in the woods.     

Adventure-Fiction, Family-Fiction                                 --Linda McNeil

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