Friday, March 18, 2016

Bennet, Jenn. The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart.

Bennet, Jenn.  The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart.  Macmillan/Feiwel & Friends  2015   294p  $17.99  ISBN 978-1-250-06645-9      hs    Conflict  E-BN   

Beatrix Adams is determined to win an art contest so she will have enough money to go to college. She also wants to train herself in a similar manner to DaVinci’s training: Beatrix wants to sketch bodies in the morgue, but her mother is against it.

After a failed interview with an administrator of the Willed Donor Program, she meets Jack, a notorious and madly attractive graffiti artist. Jack has connections and manages to get her into the morgue. Beatrix and Jack both have secrets to keep from their respective parents. As the summer progresses they fall in love and work together on their family issues.
Readers will get a glimpse of life in San Francisco with two families from different walks of life and different disconnects.      This book would make an excellent addition to any high school library. It has been recommended for our Books of Note List.          

Summary: This is the story of a young artist’s journey to get some experience drawing the human body in the same manner as DaVinci.        

Art-Fiction                                                       --Linda McNeil

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