Monday, November 7, 2016

Citra, Becky. Duke’s Den.

Citra, Becky.  Duke’s Den.  Orca    2016  198p  $9.95  ISBN 978-1-4598-0901-7  elem/ms    Animal fiction    VG-BN

Amelia’s parents have separated, and she and her mother move to a new town. Then, Gabriella and Duke move into their basement apartment. Believing something sinister is about to occur with the new neighbors, Amelia spies on them at night, only to discover them bringing in unusual animals. She later finds out that the couple rescues these abused and unwanted reptiles and other animals. Amelia’s mother is not in favor of the animals as tenants, and tells Gabriella and Duke that they and their animals must go. But when funds run low for support for the rescue, Amelia and her two friends Liam and Roshni begin fundraising with coupons, and as a result they win the friendship and support from others in their new neighborhood.

This heartwarming, well-written novel will entertain and thrill young readers. As animal rescues have become spotlighted in the media, this fun novel recognizes unique animals that require rescuing about which the public is rarely informed. In addition to the engaging story, the book is filled with interesting facts about exotic animals and the care they require. Duke’s Den will surely be a hit among animal lovers.

Summary: Following her parents’ separation, Amelia finds herself in a new town with few friends, until the new tenants move into her basement apartment with an assortment of rescue reptiles and other unusual animals.   

Animal rescue-Fiction                                       --Virginia McGarvey

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