Monday, November 7, 2016

Chandler, Matt. The Science of Hockey.

Chandler, Matt.  The Science of Hockey.  Capstone Publishers      2016  32p  $20.49  ISBN 978-1-4914-8221-6 Series: Sports Illustrated Kids Top Ten Science  ms/jr  Nonfiction  E-BN  

The Science of Hockey is a wonderful book for anyone who likes to read; you don’t need to be a fan of hockey. There are ten areas of hockey for which the science of the sport is explained, from speed of skating to how equipment works to angling to protect the net. Readers will learn about specific players who excel in each aspect of the game, learn vocabulary words (included in a glossary as well), and get extra information about interesting topics, like why a zamboni is used and the fact that the pucks are frozen before game play. Each of the ten scientific topics is explored in one or two pages and is very easy to understand. After this very enjoyable read, kids will want to learn the science behind every sport there is.

Summary: From Sports Illustrated for Kids comes an excellent book about the science behind hockey games. This quick, fun read will have hockey fans mesmerized and wanting more science in their lives. From reaction time to the perfect shot, the top ten ways science is involved in hockey will definitely captivate both fans and novices.    

Ice hockey, Sports science                                        --Erin Daley

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