Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ditchfield, Christin. Exploring the Virginia Colony.

Ditchfield, Christin.  Exploring the Virginia Colony.  Capstone Publishers  2017    48p  $23.99  ISBN 978-1-5157-2229-8         elem/ms  Series: Exploring the 13 Colonies.  Nonfiction  VG-BNS

Upper-elementary and middle-school students who need to do research on the thirteen colonies will find this series to be very helpful.  With this book, students will gain a better understanding of the original thirteen colonies and where Virginia fits into the mix.  Filled with information on the native people and the early history of Virginia, the book teaches students how Virginia made the transition from colony to state in 1788.  The author includes a few critical-thinking prompts with primary resources for students to think about. 

The book is beautifully illustrated, with captioned period-portrait reprints, interesting “Did You Know?” facts, primary resources, maps, personal quotations, biographical information on important people, a timeline of events, a glossary of terms, critical thinking prompts using the Common Core, a list of recommended books, a special code to use on the FactHound web site, source notes, a bibliography, and an index.

For schools who participate in Accelerated Reader, an existing test is available for students to take (AR Quiz # 184201).
  Books on all thirteen colonies have been published.  Each title features the people, places, and history of each colony and what made it unique.                       

Summary: “This book explores the people, places, and history of the Virginia Colony.”

Virginia History-Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775                                           --Charleen Forba-MacCain

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