Thursday, December 29, 2016

Enz, Tammy, & Jodi Wheeler-Toppen. Recycled Science.

Enz, Tammy, & Jodi Wheeler-Toppen.  Recycled Science.  Capstone Publishers  2016  112p  $9.95  978-1-62370-697-5  ms/hs  Nonfiction  VG-BN                 

Recycled Science encourages its readers to dig through their recycling to find simple, everyday pieces, like potato chip bags, soda bottles, and paper towel tubes, and designs fun experiments around them that are sure to engage young readers. 

This book includes 37 experiments that are detailed (and many times pictured) step-by-step.  For the most part, they are simple enough so that a middle-school student could do them on their own.  There is an indication for when a young reader should get a parent involved (for instance, when using a hot glue gun).  The experiments are also accompanied by indications of the form of science that is being used, reusable knowledge sections that delve deeper into the investigation, and fast facts, which are also highly interesting and engaging.  Recycled Science could become a wonderful addition to any school’s maker-space collection, but it also has a high enough interest level that it would most likely circulate well in the main collection as well. This book would be an excellent addition to a middle-school or high-school young-adult library maker space or collection.                       

Summary: This book includes 37 experiments that use everyday recycled materials that a student might find in their trash bin, with detailed (and many times pictured) step-by-step directions. 

Science experiments                                                                                                    --Michele Nass

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