Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gurevich, Margaret. All or Nothing.

Gurevich, Margaret.  All or Nothing.  (Series: Chloe By Design.)  Capstone Publishers  2017  96p  $24.65          978-1-4965-3263-3     ms   Realistic fiction  VG                        

Middle-school students who enjoy fashion will appreciate this new title in the Chloe By Design series.  Written in an easy-to-comprehend manner, the book introduces students to Chloe, a senior in high school who loves fashion.  From accessories to clothes to the styling and design of everything, Chloe’s world revolves around her love of fashion.  Chloe’s diary entry sets the scene for readers.  As she prepares college applications and gets her fashion portfolio ready, she’s been spending time with Nina, her former rival.  Students will cheer for Chloe as she maneuvers her way around the entire process, from organizing college tours to creating various designs for her portfolio.  Alex, Chloe’s best friend, is becoming increasingly jealous of the time she spends with Nina.   Worried about their friendship, Chloe continues to tour colleges in both New York and Los Angeles, but she thinks about Alex.  Inspired after a chat with a fashion designer about her future and college choice, Chloe feels empowered to make the best decision for her future.

The author includes colorful illustrations displaying fashion portfolio pages and biographical information on
herself and the illustrator.  As of this review, thirteen titles have been published in this new series, all featuring sixteen-year-old Chloe, who loves fashion.  Titles feature clothes, accessories, styling, and designing.  When a new reality television series for aspiring teenage designers is holding auditions in her town, she's desperate to win a spot on the show. Chloe will need to survive the competition and shine like a star.  The book would make a good addition to a middle-school collection for casual reading.                                                 

Summary: “Chloe and Nina have always been rivals, but now, as they create fashion portfolios for their college applications, they have come to respect and like each other, and working together is proving beneficial--but her best friend Alex is jealous of the amount of time the two are spending together.”     

Fashion-Fiction, Best friends-Fiction                                                 --Charleen Forba-MacCain

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