Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gurevich, Margaret. Measuring Up. (Chloe by Design.)

Gurevich, Margaret.  Measuring Up.  (Chloe by Design.)          Capstone Publishers            2016    9378p  $18.49  ISBN 978-1-62370-727-9  ms/hs  Realistic fiction        VG-BN

Compiling four of the shorter Chloe By Design books into one, this title will appeal to older readers because of its length.  Chloe has returned from a successful summer internship in New York and feels at odds back in her high school.  Her best friend Alex eggs her on to get started with college applications.  As she looks through the requirements, Chloe chooses her concepts.  Designing gowns for classmates for the Winter Formal is one idea.  As the designs emerge, she cooperates with Nina, her old nemesis, so they can bounce ideas off each other.  Unsure which school she wants to attend, Chloe accompanies her mother to visit the three design schools she is considering.  At the close of this compilation, all applications have been mailed and Chloe has been accepted at all three.  Now she must decide.

The illustrations make this story.  For the non-fashion elite, the illustrations flesh out the text.  The reader can see the designs that have been described. This longer compilation edition may look daunting to younger readers and would appeal mainly to grades 7-10.  It includes the original four volumes of the Chloe by Design series:  Final Cut, Back to Basics, All or Nothing, and Made to Measure .

Summary: This volume represents a compilation of books 9-12 of the series Chloe by Design.  Chloe returns from her summer internship, begins college applications, designs gowns for classmates, visits campuses, and cooperates with Nina (her nemesis). Grades 5-8 and into high school.            

Fashion-Fiction, Careers in fashion-Fiction                                                                           --Joan Theal

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